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Dr. Regeena J. Murli- Embodiment of Woman Power

The status of women in India has been subject to many great positive changes over the past few millennia. We see women excel in all fields, marking their presence everywhere. They are the prime source of contributors to economies as producers, managers, caretakers, entrepreneurs and employees. They have the potential to change their own economic status, as well as that of the communities and the countries they live in. When Government, businesses and community invest in women, they choose the chance of becoming strong players in the global market place.

The story of Dr. Regeena J. Murli, is not of fairy tales. It frames us the life of a strong individual who with her own dedication and hardship, have established herself a reputed title among the top entrepreneurs. Breaking the gender stereotypes, this B.Tech, M.B.A. and Ph. D holder have proved us that with determination and hardwork, one can achieve success in life.

A Change Maker

Who is a Change Maker? They are the ones who leverage everything from emerging trends, technology, finance and sheer brain power to get things done in ways not done before to achieve success. They are bold leaders in their respective businesses whose growth, innovation and presence in the world, is marked by success and something so big and impactful that it alter the predefined notions.

A change maker see things, and it is in their transformational genius, that organisations under them go from being ordinary to exceptional. They focus on pursing their goals, are never satisfied with the ordinary and are certainly not lucky. They just were and are committed to the pursuit of excellence, dreams, creativity, passion and innovation. They are the doers and are persistent individuals who understand that potential is of little value if it fails to be realized.

Dr. Regeena J. Murli is a leading educationist, industrialist and philanthropist, who have literally changed the name of the game in the field of education. She truly understands the value of serving something beyond herself and that’s what inspires her to dedicate to the cause of promoting Quality Education in the state of Tamil Nadu.  She believes in not just playing the game but changing it.  She focuses her efforts on shattering the status quo, challenging norms, breaking conventions and encouraging diversity of thought, throughout her work.

A Past of Prominence

Part of what makes people great and successful are traits one develops as a result of pursuing a passion. Skills like patience, a strong work ethic, the ability to see the world from someone else’s perspective and so much more… all these come together to make an ordinary person extra ordinary. Dr. Regeena’s late father – Col. Dr. Jeppiaar, was such a kindred person.

Jesuadimai Pangu Raj, also known as Jeppiaar or J.P.R., was an Indian Politician, Educationist, and Industrialist born in Tamil Nadu. He is considered as one of the pioneers in privatization of engineering education in Tamil Nadu. Mr. Jeppiaar is the founder and Chairman of Jeppiaar Educational Trust. He rose to great heights through his hard work and commitment. His philosophy of life included the much known 3 C’s which are Confidence, Courage and Character.

Late Col. Dr. Jeppiaar started his career as a police constable and by his sheer hard work and perseverance rose to prominence. He was driven with a dream and vision and dedicated his life for establishing quality driven technical education. He had immense thirst for knowledge that persuaded him to pursue B.L. from the University of Madras, M.A. from Mysore University and Ph.D. from Anna University. He was the President of the Consortium of Professional, Arts and Science Colleges of Tamil Nadu. Apart from being an educationalist, he also established several companies which provided employment to many people.

Recollecting about her great father, Dr. Regeena says, “My father was a pioneer in the field of education. He was the Chairman of the engineering colleges which he started all of his own. His mission was to provide engineering education to all students across barriers. And for those who could not afford it, he ensured that scholarships came in handy and education could be provided. At present, every year there are many students who come from the villages and from extremely poor backgrounds, and are provided the opportunity to enhance their lives through education”. She proudly says that, the Jeppiaar institutions produces high quality engineers but also leaders for the better tomorrow. A lot of them also go abroad for further studies or get involved in entrepreneurial start-ups, thus achieving a successful career.

Shouldering a Legacy

The very name Jeppiaar has grown to be synonymous with excellence in education. The Jeppiaar Educational Trust was formed with the sole purpose of providing cutting edge technical education that is both accessible and affordable by establishing premier colleges of engineering and management studies.

Being, the Managing Director of Jeppiaar Engineering college, Jeppiaar SRR Engineering College and Jeppiaar Schools, and the daughter of the founder, Dr. Regeena J. Murli have led the colleges & schools from its fledgling state to an institution to reckon with. It is said that the vision of this young lady and her dedication and pursuit of excellence to the cause of technical education combined with her dynamic approach to leadership, has made a telling difference to the growth of the college. Dr. Regeena’s vision is to turn the Jeppiaar Group of Institutions into a leader of academic excellence in technical and management education and to make them into a world class university.

Her contribution to nation building and cultural development is very significant as she ensures that students imbibe not only technical education, but also the values of life. Dr. Regeena also ensures equal importance to both academic and non-academic activities along with offering excellent facilities like a well stacked library, encouragement for sports and participation in cultural activities. The Jeppiaar Sports Academy offers free schooling, sports training and hostel for students from economically lesser privileged backgrounds. Apart from that, she is also associated with many NGO’s offering support to the needy and disadvantaged sections of the society.  She conducts many empowerment programmes in rural areas. She tries to help as many students as possible by going to remote areas, picking out children who needs help and aid them in all ways possible.

Changing the Edu System

With time and technology, the education system has changed. Dr. Regeena believes that the Engineering system is changing constantly. Now it’s not just about the syllabus, there also needs to be a lot of industrial exposure, practical experience and several workshops. Text books alone won’t do and several innovative strategies should be adopted to bring out the talent of students and get them involved in projects.

To facilitate this, the government has also started funding projects which are promising and excellent. In addition to that, Jeppiaar Institutions have also tied up with several firms to visit, teach and provide practical experience and also provide placements for the students in core companies. The faculty involves qualified doctorates, who guide students and the department heads along with supportive staff, to impart the syllabus along with all that is new and emerging in the respective fields. The result – several gold medallists, path-breaking authors and well known educators add sheen to their list. Dr. Regeena feels immense pride, when she says that, the Jeppiaar group of Institutions are ranked among 8th and 9th positions respectively, out of the 500 engineering colleges in existence.

Fulfilling a vision

Dr. Regeena considers her father, Dr. Jeppiaar as the driving force to her successful stint. She says, “Her father always prepared us for the roles we play today. Even as a child, I have been encouraged to be at the colleges and learn how to run an institution of excellence. It was always about learning”. Dr. Jeppiaar came to Chennai as a very ordinary person, he was a police constable, but with lofty dreams. He started this institution and saw it grow from strength to strength. He was also in politics for a while, but withdrew it to focus and dedicate his life to education.

Dr. Jeppiaar always wished that his children to carry forward his dream- ‘The vision to provide quality education to even the poorest of the poor’. Fulfilling her father’s dream, Dr. Regeena, now Chairman and Managing Director of Jeppiaar Group of Institutions, which includes Jeppiaar Engineering College, Jeppiaar SRR Engineering College and Jeppiaar CBSE & Matriculation School, works hard to make education possible for all the sections of the society.

Jeppiaar Group of Institutions

In the short span of time, the Jeppiaar group has grown into an institution that provides excellent technical education while keeping the overall growth and development of the students in mind. Both academic and non-academic activities are given equal importance. Experienced and qualified staff, quality driven labs, excellent infra-structure, effective classroom teaching and superior accountability are the reasons for the students’ achievements both in academic and co-curricular activities.

The aim of Jeppiaar institutions is to develop a disciplined regimented student community who will turn out to be responsible citizens of tomorrow. The college within a short span of its establishment has made a name for itself as one of the leading Engineering colleges affiliated to Anna University, Tamil Nadu. Jeppiaar Group of Institutions is the place where one can learn more and more about the relationship between the students and faculty members by the encouragement with regards to studies, sports or any extra-curricular activities. The main plus in Jeppiaar institutes is that women are kept safe, no matter what happens, which is a huge step towards woman safety.

The institution is also dedicated to prepare future graduates with the knowledge and skills essential to work and outclass in the aggressive global environment. Having dedicated to innovative learning, the institution enables the students to achieve high in life. The faculty develops the students’ personality by personality development programmes and placement training. Pursuing the goal of constant learning, the Institution prepares the students to score commendably in the academics.

What makes the Difference?

Dr. Regeena has initiated more of an industry-focussed education in her institutions. She ensures equal importance to both academic and non-academic activities along with offering excellent facilities like a well stacked library, encouragement for sports and participation in cultural activities.

She believes that sport plays an important role in the overall development of an individual and hence has formed women’s volleyball and men’s football team respectively at the institutions. They also have a sports quota which sponsors for the players and every other aspect of the games. These institutions promote the welfare of the students through such activities and also scout around for talent among the backward areas and those with no support or financial backing. The Jeppiaar Sports Academy offers free schooling, scholarships, sports training and hostel for students from economically lesser privileged backgrounds. They try to help as many students as possible by visiting remote areas, picking out children who needs help and aid them in all ways possible.

Furthermore, Dr. Regeena takes utmost care in whatever she does to upscale herself. She keeps learning and quickly incorporates whatever is new. Her contribution to nation building and cultural development is very significant as she ensures that students imbibe not only technical education but also the values of life.

“To take care of every student is our motto and it is not important how they enter the college. What more important is to see how they exit the Institution with all life skills and knowledge to go and conquer the world outside.” This is what Dr. Jeppiaar dreamt and believed of – the vision to build the Jeppiaar Engineering College into an institution of academic excellence in technical and management education.

An Edupreneur at core

Nevertheless, Dr. Regeena is moreover an Edupreneur at core. As a Chairman and Managing Director, Dr. Regeena J. Murli, governs and leads the Jeppiaar Group of Institutions which comprises of Jeppiaar Engineering College, Jeppiaar SRR Engineering College, Jeppiaar CBSE School and Jeppiaar Matriculation School. In addition to it, she also governs Jeppiaar Sports Academy, which comprises of Jeppiaar Tamil Thalaivas Residential Kabaddi Academy, Jeppiaar Smashers – Table Tennis Team, Football Plus Professional Soccer Academy and many more.

Jeppiaar Group of Institution under the leadership of Dr. Regeena J. Murli not only provides finest education and ambience but also goes out of their ways to give an opportunity to underprivileged students to study and enhance their skill with the help of Jeppiaar Sports Academy.

A Philanthropist at Heart

Dr. Regeena believes in focusing on the quality of life combined with a humanistic tradition along with a social scientific aspect. Her love for humanity can be reflected in the number of philanthropic works she has done on behalf of the Institutions. Her humanitarian act involves:

  • Initiating Coastal Cleaning programme in Palavakkam and Neelankarai Beach under the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan initiative.
  • Under Kids Payanam in 2017, food was donated to around 1000 children across various orphanages in Chennai.
  • Sponsoring cakes for government school students as a part of Christmas celebration in 2017 and Pongal celebration in 2018.
  • Yi Net Students of Jeppiaar Engineering College went on a one-hour rally, by taking the mission of India@75 Forward, against terrorism, starting from Nethaji Statue to Light House.
  • More than 100 underprivileged yet sports talented youngsters and children were given admission in Jeppiaar schools/colleges with a scholarship that covers the entirety of education, accommodation, training and sports-kits.
  • Tamil Thalaivas (Kabbadi team based in Chennai) and Jeppiaar Academy selects eminent players from the age of 14 till 25. Selected player’s School and College education will be taken care by Jeppiaar Group of Institutions, while coaching and mentoring will be provided by Tamil Thalaivas.
  • Regeena have adopted Manambathy village & Elil Muga Nagar in Tamil Nadu and works for the welfare of the villages, providing necessary supports to improve the infrastructure and livelihood of the people. She also provides stationaries, bats and other items to the Govt. school students of both the villages.
  • His Excellency, Mr. Suhail Mohammed Al Zarooni, of the Royal family of Dubai, UAE, got impressed by the work done by Jeppiaar Sports Academy, and proposed to sign a MOU between Jeppiaar Group of Institutions and His Excellency Office to train and develop Sports Students under his Sponsorship. He also launched 100 Global Child Prodigy Award 2018 Cover Book at his royal palace, which was received by Dr. Regeena J. Murli.
  • Honourable Jury of ‘Pride of Tamil Nadu 2018’ was an award ceremony conducted by the Jeppiaar Engineering College, to identify and recognise emerging personalities for their achievements and contribution in the respective fields.

Inspiring Minds

Dr. Regeena serves as, an ambassador to the welfare of her Student’s Education and future, and as such, she constantly goes out of her way to find things that can enhance their future. Recently, she has signed an MOU with IT – ITES Sector for Skills Council of NASSCOM, in the presence of Dr. Sandhya Chintala – Vice President and Mr. Udhayshankar – Regional Lead SSC-NASSCOM, to strengthen the foundation skills of the students.

Under the leadership of Dr. Regeena J. Murli, hundreds of students have received scholarship for free education and accommodation. Jeppiaar Institutions has been steadily moving into be a research centre, and implementing several key strategies that can improve the lives of under-privileged students and provide quality education to them. Apart from this, sports-talented students, are also provided with sports-kit and free training by the Jeppiaar Sports Academy.

Her works has been a strong inspiration to quite a lot of women, who have received support and guidance to become as independent as her. Being inspired with her philanthropic works, the students of Jeppiaar Institutions, with collaboration of Jeppiaar Rotaract Club, NCC of Jeppiaar Engineering College and NSS of Jeppiaar Engineering College, have successfully completed campaigns such as Blood Donation, Polio Drops Campaign, Helmet Wearing Campaign, Blood Group and Eye Test Campaign, Tsunami Relief Campaign, Kargil Day Blood Donation (yearly), Hospital Cleaning Campaign, Tree Plantation Campaign etc.

Mantra for Life

Dr. Regeena believes in being receptive to new trends and working to ensure so that the institutions are in the forefront of all things innovative and futuristic. According to her, aiming low is a crime. She says, her mantra in life is to ‘Aim High’, because you have only one life to live. Try out everything do not hesitate to speak out. Live life to the fullest and there is no limit to what you will achieve!

Awards and Recognitions

Dr. Regeena’s hardwork have never gone unnoticed. She has been felicitated with awards and recognition for her work in the field of Education. Some of her accolades are as below:

  • Award of Excellence for Education and Sports from His Excellency, Mr. Suhail Mohammed Al Zarooni, of the Royal family of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • Excellence Award for Education at Global Excellence Awards 2018.
  • EduIcons Award for Best Sports Promotion and Encouragement from Honourable Governor of Tamil Nadu, Mr. Banwarilal Purohit.
  • Best Educationalist Award during Dr. MGR’s 100th Year Celebration.
  • A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Award for Excellence in the Field of Education.
  • Best Educational Entrepreneur Award by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.
  • Best Entrepreneur Award at the Asia Education Summit Awards.
  • Businesswoman of the Year at Kerala State Business Excellence Awards 2018.
  • World Youth Prize Award and Gold Medal at World Youth Conference.
  • RITZ Award in Educational Category.

Looking forward

Dr. Regeena aims to transform Jeppiaar Group of Institutions into a leader in the education sector focusing on the primary, secondary and higher secondary education of children. She dreams on empowering the young minds and set a standard by developing advanced teaching methods and advanced facilities to accommodate them. Her focus is also, to bring-about a change that allows underprivileged Sports talents to shine in all aspects, irrespective of their status.

In addition, Dr. Regeena aims to raise the Jeppiaar group to be a research centre and adopt several villages, digitize them and implement things that can improve the lives of the people, especially children and make quality education easily accessible to less-privileged students.

Furthermore, given the rapid progression of technology and the advancement of robotics and artificial intelligence, it is safer to say that the current era of Information is slowly but steadily evolving into the era of Artificial Intelligence, and Dr. Regeena J. Murli having considered the potential and necessity of the technological advancements, has been working-around to integrate learning, teaching and research and development of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence into the curriculum of Jeppiaar Institutes, so that the students can have easy access and can better equip themselves to the rapidly-advancing world in terms of career and better future.


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