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Gowtham V. Pavithran Paragon of Grit and Perseverance

While most of us strive to become successful, there are people whose success stories have made them eligible to serve as role models or inspirations for the generations of today. It is the hard work that they have put in, which made them what they are today. It is true that all you need is a spark and an idea. And then, we need to turn that spark into a brilliant light. This is the fuel which we all need and we fondly name it as “the Drive to Succeed.” One such success story reflects the life of a young entrepreneur, who is living his dreams and ruling the business world as well. Gowtham V. Pavithran, a second generation businessman, inspires one to realize that it is neither too early nor late to pursue the dreams of being a business owner. Gowtham bears the positive testimony to what dedication and a man’s vision can achieve and his story is one of the most abiding success stories among the young entrepreneurs in Cochin.

Passion for Business:

Gowtham catered a passion for business from his childhood onwards. His father Mr. V.N.Pavithran, was a self-made businessman. He grew up seeing his father building up a business empire from the scratch. Gowtham never dreamt about a career in Engineering or Medical Field. He always wanted to be a businessman like his father and create a name for himself in the business world. He got his basics by observing his dad dealing with the clients and he couldn’t have asked for a better orientation into his family business. Watching him in action was always a learning experience in itself for Gowtham. His dad’s impeccable work ethic, enviable dedication and the graceful ease with which he juggled various aspects of the business encouraged Gowtham to venture into business and imbibe those qualities as well. He used to accompany his dad in all client visits, official meetings, business travels, site visits thereby nurturing an experience which would later prove useful.

Gowtham graduated in Bcom Taxation from Sacred Heart College, Thevara and is currently pursuing MBA from London City College, Madonna University, Dubai. He officially started doing business from 2016 onwards. During his graduation days, he simultaneously managed his dad’s business along with his studies. He used to coordinate with site visits, handled quarry business and managed client deals. He had plans to do Civil Services soon after his graduation, but had to drop his plans midway due to his father’s untimely demise in 2017. Since then, he took charge of the entire business and managed it on a full swing.

Making Gains in a Giant Industry:

Being an Entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. It often takes years of hardwork, long hours of work, patience and strong will power to become successful. It takes a lot to start a business and grow it to profitability. As a young entrepreneur builds a business, creating the right image is also vital. After his dad’s demise, it was a tough stage for Gowtham to carry forward, a legacy created by his dad. But, he had enough support from his family, friends and existing clients. With the support of his staff and colleagues, he was able to gain everything back in a shorter span of time. There was a period, when he had to shut down his business temporarily for three months due to licensing and paper works issues. But, he toiled hard, defeated all odds and didn’t let struggles to overcome his success. He made the best use of opportunity and became a successful entrepreneur.

Gowtham learnt from his setbacks and used his success story to fuel his momentum, which keeps him motivated throughout his career life. Hunger for success, inspiration, diligence and persistence is the hallmark of this young entrepreneur. His father made him believe that there is no shortcut to success. This helped him in building his company by creating value for the long term.

Creating an Identity of his own:

It is never easy running a business, especially if one is young. Every Entrepreneur, no matter how prepared, trips over unexpected hurdles. The successful ones learn to get back up as soon as possible. Gowtham’s strong will and determination never stopped him in chasing his dreams. He learnt business tactics from his dad at a very young age. His dad used to groom him well regarding the pros and cons of the business. Till date he walks through the path created by his father. Being persistent and objective oriented, working collaboratively with clients and solving problems creatively continues to be Gowtham’s core strengths.

Gowtham believes that experience is a common factor. Often the best ideas reveal themselves with time, learning and exposure to a variety of challenges. “When you are out working in the real world, you might see an opportunity to make a product better or do something more efficiently. Grab that opportunity and work hard. You are sure to soar high.”

An Exemplary of his own:

Gowtham has not just carried his family’s torch of business but has managed it in the most inexplicable way. This new age young entrepreneur has proved his capabilities with out of box thinking, leadership qualities and execution styles. Gowtham throughout his tenure, performed and combined hard skills to have an impact on the ground. It was not about being a shining star but proving what he could achieve by demonstrating his abilities. Sometimes, it wasn’t easy and sometimes he couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, but he kept moving forward with great integrity and intent and resultant he emerged as a successful entrepreneur.

Gowtham supports the fact that as a business owner, one doesn’t need to be perfect at everything. One should have to understand his strength and weaknesses and work on it. It is easy to give up when the going gets tough, but the most successful entrepreneurs persist because of their ambitious nature and this is what makes Gowtham stand apart.

More about his Business:

Megha Granites, a Crusher/Quarry business was set up in 1998 by his father (V. N. Pavithran).It mainly deals with the mining of Blue metal quarry which is used for Building and Road constructions. Megha Granites is located in Ernakulam District and is a leading source for Blue Metals across the Central districts of Kerala. It includes a metal crusher unit, which is equipped with advanced technology which ensures the quality of its products. The unit manufactures sand and blue metals of superior quality. Requirement of any size is met by Megha Granites, due to the company’s considerable production and stocking capacity.

Bluegreen Equipments Private Limited, an all Kerala dealer for Kobelco Excavator machinery was set up in 2010. The headoffice is located in Perumbavoor and has its branches at Calicut, Trivandrum, Kottarakara, Palakkad and Kannur. It deals with the sales and services of Kobelco Excavator and construction equipments.

Aceller Steels Private Limited is a Steel rerolling company, started in 2010, in Angamaly which deals in mill manufacturers of ACE TMT steel bars. It initially began as a joint venture, later on Gowtham’s dad acquired the full ownership of the company in 2015 and now the company is in a developing phase.

Aceller Steels Private Limited is Kerala’s one and only Thermex QST Steel Bar producers using only steel Billets as raw materials. The company has grown and strengthened steadily over time to become one of the leading players of the industry in Kerala. They have a fully automated plant located in the Industrial Area, Angamaly. High quality of product along with dedicated service to clients is their commitment. Aceller Steels uses state-of-the-art technology to manufacture products of the highest quality and strength. Ace Thermex steel bars are high-strength reinforced bars manufactured using advanced technology provided by Thermex India Limited. Billets used for manufacturing the steel bars are made from sponge iron produced from iron ore with the latest technology. At Aceller Steels, quality is not an ‘add-on,’ but an integral part of every process and system.

Megha Plantations Estate started in 2010 is spread across 140 acres of land in Idukki district. This famous spice plantation grows cardamom, coffee and pepper.

Future Projects:

Gowtham proudly says that he has always able to exceed client requirements by supplying quality materials on time. He plans to invest in three more businesses in the coming future. He also looks forward to venture into road construction projects as well.

Philantropic Giving:

Gowtham practices CSR by monitoring company’s activity, how positively it affects the environment, society, consumers and communities. To overcome the mining issues, he ensures that the environment sustainability is retained by planting trees around the neighborhood, preserving and conserving the water bodies and the welfare of society is maintained by providing educational and health care facilities for the less privileged ones.


The biggest recognition for Gowtham was to successfully carry forward his father’s business. And he managed to do it successfully. He has also been facilitated with several awards for his determination in the field of business. Some of them are as below:-

Youth Icon Award 2017 from the Resident Association

Champion on the Road Award recognizing his efforts in the Kerala Flood rescue operations

Best Dealer Award from Kobelco


Blazing the trail to Success:

“In order to achieve greatness, one has to fail greatly”

The present generation is more skeptical towards taking risks. But, Gowtham urges that once stepped into business, one should be bold enough to face hurdles and find solutions to overcome them. His advice to the youngsters is, “One should have a goal or a dream and try to achieve it. They should have the will power to overcome difficulties and challenges”.

Gowtham feels excited to be a young entrepreneur. It gives him inspiration, stimulus and positive approach to life. The phrase ‘What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger’ rings true for this young achiever. Although, Gowtham had thoughts similar to other entrepreneurs who feared taking risks, his tenacious perseverance allowed him to rise above the failures and discouragement and achieve success.

Business Mantra:

Gowtham is indeed a young successful entrepreneur who proves that age is nothing but just a number. He follows a systematic lifestyle and believes that each individual desires success in their career life. One can achieve it with sheer willingness and a strong desire to perform well.

He urges the youngsters to set their goals straight. No matter how big the plans and dreams be, they will never turn into reality until and unless you act on them. Be happy and have a positive attitude to life. “Once you have the willingness, courage and commitment and the right mind set, you can begin climbing the ladder of success”.


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