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Jazwin Jaaf: Public Figure & Purveyor of the Gentlemanly Lifestyle

“I transformed from Oh No to Oh Wow!”

A Snapshot of Style

The business of fashion is now in style- and it is not for the faint of heart!
A camel-coloured trenchcoat, a chequered grey scarf peeping out from underneath it, complete with black leather gloves. A tipped black hat reveals hair tousled to perfection, eyes sheltered behind black sunglasses and a groomed beard. All of this comes together to create one perfect gentlemanly picture.

Just a scroll away, the very same gentleman who seemed to fit right into a men’s fashion editorial now seems to have adopted the persona of an Indian Maharaja wearing a deep purple velvet bandhgala with a gold pocket square and a diamond brooch. The perfection lies in the details- eyes piercing the camera, crossed legs and the backdrop of a contemporary Indian home.

It All Lies In The Details

His Instagram handle goes by the name ‘@jaafz’ and he’s a model and an aspiring actor with a passion for fashion, lifestyle and travel. Just a mere glance at his Instagram account reveals his experimental yet luxurious style. His portfolio does reveal his partiality to bespoke well-tailored suits but, just when you think you’ve seen it all, he steps into the shoes of a golfer or a horserider, quite literally.

In the pursuit of his passion, Jazwin began styling himself and modelling his looks- garnering attention online as well as offline. His passion project led him to work exclusively for high-end brands and men’s luxury collections.

His videos garnered the attention of audiences who approached him saying that he had the appearance that suited a negative role in the movies.
He believes that his strength lies in detailing- all of his looks are punctuated with stand-out luxury accessories.

The Evolution of Personal Style

Jazwin self-admittedly recognises his evolution from the quintessential Malayali boy next door to his current stature when it comes to style.
Without formal training in fashion, he took it up purely through his passion- and his current style is a result of years of experimentation. When someone lays down fashion rules for him, he takes it upon himself to challenge it and make it look good. Instead of following the rules, Jazwin prefers making his own.

Step out of the box, be confident and experiment a little, he says. His Instagram DMs are flooding with messages from people asking him for lifestyle tips- which has got him working on his own website with blogs to answer the frequently asked questions.

While he works exclusively for luxury brands now, when questioned about styling on a budget- he asserts the importance of understanding fashion rules and implementing them (and knowing how to break them tastefully). He believes that formal wear should adhere to a standard and it is better to stick to high-end brands offering bespoke tailoring.
Jazwin is a thorough gentleman who lives by the mantra of staying fit, following fashion, enjoying adventure and sport- all while maintaining a lifestyle of luxury.

This article has been written by Neha Nambiar.


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