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Jishad Bucker – A Revolutionary Genius of Network Marketing

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”
– John C. Maxwell

 Successful leaders are the power and intellect of organizations. They are the visionaries charged with steering their brand around pitfalls. Jishad Bucker is one such Top Network Marketing MLM leader who has really created true leverage in his business. He has been helping people transform self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling breakthroughs to achieve their dreams. He is one of the top trainers and pre-eminent experts in the network marketing industry. As an effective leader, Jishad is able to regulate his time, attention and emotions, and at the same time is aware of his strength, weaknesses and potential sources of bias. A trainer and a motivational speaker, he teaches from his real-world experience and has helped lots of people earn better income.

Jishad Bucker has been serving in the role of Global Black Diamond Director with Modicare for the past five years. He has also founded Team Global Learning organization along with Dinesh Narayan, which provides training to people on Direct Selling methods. He is a certified Business Coach from International Coaching Federation (ICF) and has around ten years of experience in training, coaching and mentoring people. He is also the founder of Empower Minds which provides training and coaching to individuals and companies. Jishad holds a diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Maharajas Technological Institute, Thrissur. Prior to joining Modicare, he was working as a Professional Trainer and a Business Coach, conducted training programmes and provided coaching to individuals and companies.

Realize Your Dreams:

Jishad does not belong to a business family. But, he had the privilege to choose his career. This is what led him to select marketing as a profession, rather than any other technical job. Jishad is the one who handles stress in a unique way, by fixing an expiry date for it. In this way, he sees that he doesn’t get carried away by tensions and problems.

According to him, ‘direct selling is a business which can turn an ordinary person into an extraordinary’. After suffering a huge set back from his insurance business, Jishad was almost in the verge of depression. At that moment, he realized that ‘One can lose his wealth, but not his skills’. He decided to polish his skills and started mentoring people. To learn the techniques of direct selling, he travelled various parts of the world.

The Legacy of Modicare:

Modicare is the first direct selling company in India started in 1996. Mr. Samir Modi is the chairman and MD of Modicare and it belongs to KK Modi group, which is a 60000 crore company. Modicare has 23years of experience and it is the founding member of IDSA- Indian Direct Selling Association. They initially began with sale of few products, but now they are having around ten categories of products ranging from Wellness to Agriculture which have great quality and are affordable. Modicare assures 100% money back guarantee, if one is not satisfied with the quality of the product. The best part of Modicare as a business opportunity is that the company doesn’t require prior experience or education qualification. All it demands is the mindset of an entrepreneur who dreams big. This industry gives a very good goal oriented mindset and one can learn lot of skills such as team building, communication, leadership, stress handling and organizational with this business.

Why one should choose Modicare:

It is world’s fastest growing company and its turnover is over 1000 crores per year. This business is simple to start without any risks and investment and many are able to earn over five lakhs of income per month.

  • Modicare sells unique products in more than ten categories.
  • The top position in Modicare is the Global Black Diamond Director position and so far more than hundred people have achieved and over 500+ people have achieved the top three titles including Crown Diamond Director and Royal Director Titles. Hence, it shows that reaching the topmost position of Modicare is easy and it is only possible through network marketing. It also makes foreign trip available to employees each year.
  • Modicare has over 6000 distribution centres across India.
  • Modicare has felt its presence in almost 4000 towns in India. This makes one easy to expand Modicare business. More than 75 lakh products are sold each month and more than 600000 order boxes are dispatched through India, which shows that Modicare is expanding its horizons at a faster pace.
  • There always remains a chance of uncertainty in network marketing. Only those companies with strong profiles can excel in MLM. Hence, Modicare follows a strong code of conduct.
  • Modicare is also aiming for International business opportunity by launching business in Bangladesh, London and Nepal. This opens opportunity to expand business internationally.

Network Marketing or MLM:

In MLM, the main factor of the business is the quality of the product. Since, this is referral based business and quality plays a critical factor in this industry. Usually to launch many products, the seller many a times approach the traditional methods of marketing which includes involvement of lot of third parties and use of advertisements. In this case, a product goes through many channels to reach the targeted audience.

But, in MLM, the quality of the product is already fixed. This is the reason, why many companies are not opting for MLM because all they can assure is the average quality of their products.

Future of MLM:

Jishad considers Technology, Wellness and FMCG as those three industries which contribute to the India’s economic growth. And Modicare is contributing for this stability by introducing products in all three ranges. Jishad believes that Direct Selling industry is an answer to the unemployment issue in India. Hence, through MLM, this issue can be solved to an extent. Further, he says that the future of network marketing is really amazing. As per the survey conducted by KPMG and FICCI, this industry will cover 65000 crore business by 2025.

Team Global Learning System:

Team Global Learning System is a business education system which supports Modicare business. It was partnered by Jishad and his friend Dinesh Narayan. Though, it had to face lot of struggles during its initial phases, with the idea of MLM, the business saw its spur. This leadership academy is one of its kind in Kerala which introduced the concept of Direct Selling with the main aim to educate the network marketers.

In Network Marketing, there are four pillars- Profile, Product, Plan and Business Education System. TGLS provides business education system and introduces several coaching programmes with the help of research materials. At Team Global, they use different verticals of learning and make modules and syllabus and provide level based training programmes to each category of people. They also provide NEW (Network Energy Workshop) exclusive training programmes for beginners. Jishad has so far conducted 125 NEW programmes exclusively for beginners across Kerala, which he sees as a huge achievement in himself. In addition, they also have a youtube channel ( where they discuss various nuances of direct selling.

Jishad says ‘Imagination rules the world, because everything starts from the mind’. At Team Global, the mentors are not only teaching about business ethics, but also helping people to learn life skills. Team Global also stresses on Women Empowerment through MLM. Jishad says that one is able to expand network marketing business through connection and communication and women are masters in doing the same. The vision of Team Global is to provide better lifestyles through education and networking and its mission is to create 100 millionaires and 100 car achievers. The main aim of Team global will be to develop 120crore organization with hundred successful personalities by the end of December 2021.

For a person like Jishad who possess immense training and coaching skills, network marketing opens infinite potentials. He is an example of how network marketing can change one’s life beyond imagination. He lives with the mission to inspire individuals to align their lives with purpose, responsibility, vision, and principles of greatness. His family includes wife Anshitha Jishad and children Eshaan and Zehaan who motivates and supports him in all his decisions. Through Team Learning Global System, Jishad is helping other people reach their financial and personal goals. With an unbridled enthusiasm, he has built a business that has generated a good number of income in direct sales.

The Power and Intellect of Team Global Learning System:

Jishad Bucker is a Network Marketer, who manages thousands of members daily. He understands that leadership quality is very important and in order for effective communication and successful business he always leads his team. Under his leadership, he always teaches and guides them properly. He uses content in the form of videos, blogs, audios, emails, etc. to consistently give tips to people and teach them basic strategies that can help them. He inspires his team members to give their best and put all effort. His goal is to help people be their best and create incredible businesses that change the world.

A Man with a Vision and Mission:

Jishad Bucker is a man with a clear mission, a vision for the future, a specific strategy, and a culture conducive to success. He is very well aware that these concepts are essential for effectiveness and personal growth. He is flexible in his mindset and adopts new approaches and ideas. Additionally, he possesses the ability to look into the company’s future and make clear, concrete goals that will benefit the organization.

Maintains a great Organizational Culture:

Organizational culture is a crucial component that leaders must understand to achieve maximum effectiveness. In addition to cultivate a conducive environment that is built on a strong foundation, Jishad exhibits specific skills and attributes to achieve the goals of the organization. He tries to positively impact long-term organizational culture and values through self-modeling of behaviors, creating cultural expectations, and formally communicating business goals.

Possesses great leadership skills:

Practicing leadership is as much an art as it is a discipline. Jishad’s traits include excellent communication skills, empathy, emotional intelligence, team-building, empowerment and trust with a willingness to listen to suggestions with an open mind, an understanding of the competitive landscape and strategic thinking. As an effective leader, he trusts his team members, challenges them, and lets them handle difficult situations.

Fosters Creativity and Innovation:

Jishad always risks experimentation and encourages creativity. He encourages his team to explore new ideas through brainstorming and other methods. He clearly knows how to motivate his peer group to strive wholeheartedly for the company’s goals. In addition, he also recognizes that delegation does more than simply passing the task to someone else. It is entrusting and believing that your team is able to handle the task given to them.

Being able to inspire your team is great for focusing on the company’s vision and goals, but it is also important for the team during their current projects and Jishad is able to do that. As a leader, he guide members through challenges and is always on the lookout for a solution. Instead of making things personal when they encounter problems, or assigning blame to individuals, Jishad looks out for constructive solutions and focus on moving forward. He says that, one should always learn new skills and ideas. It can make a big difference in your success.


Jishad is the one among the Global Black Diamond Directors of Kerala and he has travelled to more than seven countries through Modicare including London and Moscow.

  • He is one of the top earner in Kerala and Pan India and his monthly turnover is four crore.
  • He is the one and only member of SMAC (Samir Modi Advisory Council) from Kerala
  • His business is expanded over nine states across the country. He has created 100 car funds and house funds qualifiers so far.

Business Mantra:

According to Jishad, ‘Imagination rules the world’, because everything starts from the mind. He says that network marketing is a mind game. If you visualize it in your mind, you have the power to create it.

Everyone lives a rat’s race. But, in network marketing there is no race, only collaboration. It works on teamwork and hardwork. He urges the youth to opt for this business once in a lifetime to become success. The MLM business puts forth a great opportunity to become an Entrepreneur with all facilities and zero investment. This is a new business idea, and one should always be careful in choosing a credible company which has a unique quality and a good training system.

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