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Upgrading you team for the better

A leader is like a gardener who has to keep nourishing his plants to improve the quality and productivity even after they give flowers and fruits. Just like many small nurseries have grown into full-fledged orchards because each plant underwent a supervised growth through proper watering and fertilizers, many small companies have grown high and wide because their team members grew in the same direction. A successful leader will allot time, attention and money to upgrade his team.

As a leader, he must know what training each of his team requires to improve and shine in their performances. He must supervise the growth of his juniors and measure it at the same time. This should not only apply upon the executives, but even the clerks should be upgraded in knowledge and be stuffed with more skill. Instead of calling it multitasking, I would prefer to call it multi-talent. Even One Team Member Can Do Wonders for Your Company if trained properly.

A prominent film producer from Bollywood, whose banner has produced around twenty movies with top stars, once told me that his PA was an ordinary clerk but he trained him by investing his time in teaching him and then following up. “This young man could not even get a photocopy done, but today he can spot errors in our manager’s letters.

His job began with ordering tea and coffee, but today he discusses important issues with my directors, accountants and government department”, the producer said and concluded, “I saw him honest, hard-working and willing to learn and I needed a person who can be groomed into a smart helper”. I asked
him, “What if your team member leaves your company for another job after learning new skills?” He replied without being bothered, “A good leader can build new teams, but such team players may not always find such leaders.”

World across, many projects remain incomplete or have to be winded up because the entrepreneur could not build a team and upgrade it. Who knows what wonders a small crafty clerk or an executive can do to your company if you invest a little time, money and attention in upgrading them? Look around your team and find out who wants to learn and contribute in their learning, because learning always comes back. st know what training each of his team requires to improve their shine in their performance.

He must supervise the growth of his juniors and also measure it. This should not only apply upon the executives but even the clerks should be upgraded in knowledge and be stuffed with more skills. Instead of calling it multitasking, I would prefer to call it a multi-talent.

In early nineties I had visited one of the corporate office which had a special room with books on self help. The staff were allowed to borrow books and take it home to read it. The book titles included excellent authors like Dale Carnegie and Zig Ziglar. Every year during increment of the salary, the manager used to discuss personally with each staff as to which book he

Every year during increment of the salary, the manager used to discuss personally with each staff as to which book he read and how many new things they had learnt. There was an extra surprise package for those whose learning really mattered to the company. This way the company injected many needful skills in their staff.

When I met Ketan Shah on his desk of a small ad company in Qatar, he was introduced to me as a brilliant graphic designer who even mastered animation sponsored by his company. Once his skills floated in the market he started receiving high paid lucrative offers. I asked him why he did not opt for the other jobs when they were offering higher salary.

He replied, “It is not about salary, but loyalty that makes me continue here. This company is my mother institution which has taught me many skills at her expense, so I am emotionally attached with my company”.

Many team members love their companies not because they pay them high but they have played a catalyst’s role to bring out more skills from them, which, for many becomes a prize possession like a trophy.

One of the most important advices Business gurus give in their seminars is to groom your team and upgrade them regularly. Like a good dress that needs a wash and ironing good team too needs a brush up.

Author Nisaar Nadiadwala offers to design and write ready made original non plagiarised courses and material for corporate trainers. He can be reached at


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