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ALLEEM BUSINESS CONGRESS: The 8th Annual Marketing and Branding Congress

In today’s market, branding creates the difference between companies. The market share of a product often is proportionate to the success of its marketing and promotional campaigns. A flawless strategy and choosing suitable marketing platforms are necessary to ensure brand recall among customers. The Founder & Executive Chairman of  Alleem Knowledge Center, opines, “Writing a Marketing Plan is similar to putting together a complicated puzzle. Each piece contains information that makes sense only when you see the finished product.”

The 8th Annual Marketing and Branding Congress Week, held in Sharjah from 16 to 20 October 2016, focused on related and relevant topics like Marketing Trends in the Current Climate, Project Management, Brand Engagement, ROI Measurement, Social Media Marketing, PR and Social Media, Search Engine Marketing Overview, Cost Effective Marketing, Developing Brand Value, and Leveraging Internet TV to Maximize Customer base.

The Congress was attended by 250 participants from more than 35 nations. 25 academicians and practitioners came together to share their views and experiences in the field of marketing and brand building. Nineteen companies exhibited their products and services at the event.

At the conference an MOU was signed with  hirayu Patel, Director, Patel Trading CO. Middle East LLC, Sharjah; Lalu Samuel, Chairman & Managing Director, Kingston Holdings FZC, Sharjah; and Altaf Hussain, General Manager, GECO Mechanical & Electrical Ltd. Co., Sharjah creating strategic partnerships to carry forward the mission of Alleem Research & Development Center.

Alleem Business Congress – A Mission The economic crisis of the last decade threw up several questions about the way businesses were organized and operated. It exposed the inherent weakness in long term strategizing and lack of safety nets. The Alleem Business Congress was conceived as a unique forum to answer many of these questions and mitigate the scenario that existed in September 2008. The mission was to bring together leaders of the industry, path breakers and innovative thinkers to share their knowledge, experiences and wisdom with the individuals, aspirants, novices and small and medium ventures. The goal was to impart skills necessary to survive and create a sustainable model in the Changing & Challenging Economic scenario. The aim was also to shape leaders and equip entrepreneurs to realize their full potential.

The noble venture is the brainchild of a charismatic visionary, Dr Rashid Alleem. The Chairman of Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority, UAE, is a multifaceted personality. A noted author, philanthropist and founder of Alleem Knowledge Center, a not-forprofit organization that creates a unique platform that enables businesses and individuals to achieve their goals and realize their full potential. Before the financial crisis hit, he organized the ‘Proficiency Club’. In effect, it could be called the forerunner of the Alleem Knowledge Congress. The Club met once a week for a couple of hours to discuss business and leadership challenges faced by its member and was hugely productive and popular. But the scale of the economic crisis prompted Dr. Alleem to think on a different scale. The initial plan was to conduct a daylong seminar dealing solely with Sustainable Planning. The overwhelming response turned it into a two day event. The need of the hour saw the programme evolve organically into a weeklong congress. Today, Alleem Business Congress, organized by the Alleem Knowledge Center, addresses specific themes such as Leadership and Management, Sustainable Development, Marketing and Branding, Project Management and Water & Energy.

The events are scheduled well in advance and all seats are taken. Participants and speakers come from across the globe, representing various branches of commerce and industry. The inaugural session hosts a VIP speaker and attendance is by invitation only. The second day is set aside mostly for university students to familiarize them with the concept and focus of the Congress. Speakers take centre stage on the third day, which can be considered the key portion of the congress. This is followed by another session focused on students and upcoming businesses. The Annual Alleem Excellence Awards are presented during the week. An exhibition of products and services conducted alongside present ample opportunities for them to interact with consumers and allied industries. The conference ends with a cultural night, presenting an excellent opportunity for the members to mingle and network.


Dr. Mohammad Tariq, Executive Chairman of Paradigm Pioneer Group of Companies, presented the welcome address setting the tone of the congress.

It was followed by a discussion panel comprising of Dr. Maria Jade Opulencia, Assistant Professor, College of Business Administration, Ajman University of Science and Technology, Ajman, Dr. Gurdal Ertek, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Abu Dhabi University, Al Ain; Dr. Anil Roy Dubey, Associate Professor, Skyline University College, Sharjah; and Mr. Vipin Kumar Singh, Director, Biztech International FZE, Sharjah and moderated by Ms. Mumtaz Shaikh (Director, Enterprise Management Consulting and Endeavour General Trading LLC, Dubai).

Kevin Abdulrahman, aptly known as the man inspiring millions, is a sought after motivational speaker and author of many popular books. He played a key role at the Branding and Marketing Congress Week delivering lectures ‘Attaining a Winning Mind’ and ‘Motivated to Move’ on the second and fourth day respectively.

On day three, Dr. Khurram Nawaz (PhD), Managing Partner & Owner, Alpha Consulting & Training Services FZ LLC, Dubai, Marketing, presented a paper on ‘What Management Thinks – A Research Case Study’.

Pankaj Kalra, Marketing & MPS Manager of Xerox Emirates LLC, Dubai, spoke about the  ‘Significance of a Brand & Its Evolution’. Iyad Mourtada, Managing Director of Open Thinking, Dubai, elaborated on the ‘The New Rules in MARKETING.’

Dr. Tariq Abdulsalam Omer, CEO, Alkhubara Consulting & Development, Dubai, initiated a discussion on one of the fundamental questions in marketing ‘Personal or Corporate Branding?’ Glen Tan, the Managing Partner at Merx: Catalyzing Vision into Reality, Dubai, shed light on the overlapping of various activities in his speech ‘Connecting the Dots between Branding, Marketing & Reality’.

Farhad Bayati, CEO of mBELLAb Business Services and Advisors DMCC, Dubai, gave useful insights into ‘Trademark Law Strategies for Managing Brands’. The conference also gave a venue for students to present their opinions and views. Joann Maria Joseph, 12th Grade Student, Our Own English High School, Sharjah, U.A.E, presented her views on the ‘Significance of Branding in the 21st Century’.

Later, Shabih Fatima Research & Development Officer from the Alleem Research & Development Center elaborated on the 21 Alleem Global Goals that are the prime focus of the Center.

Anas Almarie, Training Director, Focus Social Academy, Dubai, spoke about ‘Social Media: Pause, Backward, Forward’. Mohammad Q. Siddiqui, Head of Marketing Department, Ajman University of Science and Technology.


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