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An ex-Navy officer, Thrissur-native Vipin Peter has carved a niche for himself in bodybuilding by winning a host of coveted titles. The two-time Mr India talks about his journey, dreams and more


– Deepika Jayaram

Mumbai-based Vipin Peter is the cynosure of all eyes wherever he goes. The reason? His rippling muscles and well-sculpted body, which remind one of the brawny stars in Hollywood. This Keralite has earned a coveted place in the hall of fame of bodybuilding by clinching umpteen titles, including the Mr India championship. Becoming a sportsperson has been his dream since childhood, and hence he was equally intrigued by bodybuilding and fitness. At the young age of 18, Vipin joined the Indian Navy. He says that he pursued a job there because he felt that it was difficult to find government jobs for sportsmen in the country. “After winning the Mr Kerala title in 2001, I joined the Indian Navy in 2002 as a sailor with my qualification in bodybuilding. After a long stint, I retired in 2017 as Master Chief Petty Officer,” he says.

As he invested all his efforts and passion to take part in national as well as international championships, he was drawn more and more into the world of bodybuilding. “Then on, the only thing I dreamt about and worked towards was bodybuilding.”

The journey, he says, was daunting, and it was his strong willpower that kept him going throughout.

“It was not easy. It needed a lot of sacrifice, hard work, and dedication, and was painful at the same time”

He then goes on to talk about his coach, who is none other than his father the late K P Peter. “He was the one who guided me to make my entry in bodybuilding. He has trained many renowned athletes in India. He was a great coach,” says Vipin, adding that it took almost eight years to attain the results he was working for. However, hard work always proved to be a catalyst to achieve his goals.

Ask about the different competitions he has fetched trophies, the list just goes on and on. From national contests to inter-service and international competitions, Vipin has made a mark in almost all the events he has participated in. He takes immense pride, as he mentions them one by one. He is a three time gold winner and one time champion of champions in interservices and three time silver medal holder in international championships.

Hailing from Thrissur, Vipin completed his studies, following which he embarked on a completely new journey to fulfil his dreams. And, when he gives a detailed picture of his family members, it becomes clear that love for bodybuilding runs in the genes. His younger brother Vigil Peter was Junior Mr India and Mr Kerala. “After joining the Indian Navy, I came to Mumbai, and at the age of 24, I got married,” he says.

He says that he is now residing in the ‘City of Dreams’ with his wife and three kids. His better half, Celine Vipin, has been his strongest source of support. “All credit goes to my wife when it comes to the strict diet I had to follow over the years. She supported me 24*7. Without her, it wouldn’t have been possible,” he says with a smile.

Bodybuilders like him have a strict diet to follow, he says, and each person might have different eating patterns that suit their physique. Vipin throws light on his diet and says that he makes sure to have the best of everything, be it fruit, meat or proteins. It includes egg whites, salads, meat, different fruits, and a few cups of brown rice, he says.

And what keeps him motivated or busy when he is not involved in bodybuilding? Vipin says to be frank enough, “bodybuilding is a long journey, and it requires consistency and a lot of hard work. There is nothing else that you actually find time for. It has always been just bodybuilding”.

The bodybuilder has an equally interesting answer, regarding his inspiration in life. He says that he has none, and the experiences he has been through have given life lessons.
“Life gave me enough motivation and my struggles were my only inspiration”

Today, he provides online training and is the proud owner of a chain of ‘ Peters Gym’ and supplement stores named ’Peters Sports Nutrition’. He says he is already marching towards building his franchisees. “I also have my own company of gym equipment VOLTERIX. We are bringing in brand equipment for commercial gyms from USA. In addition to that, I have my team called Team Peters, through which we train and prepare athletes for national and international competitions.”

So, where does he see himself in the near future? And he quickly says he dreams of achieving Mr Olympia 212 division, which is yet another popular international bodybuilding event. “That said, I want to keep expanding my businesses and take them on a path to success.”

He concludes, saying, “Most importantly, I wish to provide a good platform for aspiring bodybuilders and struggling trainers in the industry in the coming future.”

Vipin Peter is a celebrity trainer. For personal training and fitness you can consult him at +91 7715848343


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