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Iftar In India – Where you should be

If you’re an absolute food buff, then Ramadan is probably one of your favourite times of the year, even if you’re a non-Muslim. During the month of Ramadan, the streets of India are flooded with the most delicious iftar fare in the evenings. It is hard to skip by these streets without being lured in by the aroma of nihari or seviya. But, if you’re finding a hard time navigating through these bustling streets, this article will help you with that. Here is a list of popular places for iftar in India.


Mohammed Ali Road

Mohammed Ali Road, close to Masjid Station in Mumbai, is one of the most popular places in India for the most delectable iftar food. From tempting seekh kebabs to the adventurous bheja fry, there’s nothing that’s hard to find here. If you are a fan of Arabic or Persian delicacies, this is the place to be at, as it serves amazing shawarmas and other delicacies like kepsa.

Shalimar, Bhendi Bazaar

This joint in Bhendi Bazaar is famous for its mouth-watering kebabs and korma. But the speciality of this place is its Raan Biryani, which is rice cooked with a whole leg of a lamb.


One of the best places in the national capital region to explore food is unquestionably old Delhi, where small by-lanes smell of old world charm, and nostalgia unexpectedly peeks at you from small nooks and crannies.

Jama Masjid

Look for the narrow road opposite Jama Masjid’s gate no. 1, also known as Matia Mahal, to experience some unadulterated food love. The streets outside Jama Masjid are a delight during iftar. Here, you can treat yourself to the taste of taste of North Indian Mughlai cooking along with kormas, kebabs, gosht, nihari and much more. Karim Hotel is especially popular if you’re looking to devour some authentic Mughlai cuisine.

If you have plenty of time on your hands, you may want to stop at any of the dozens of hole-in-wall eateries at random, for delectable non-vegetarian food. But if you’re pressed for time, you may want to stick to some tried-and-tested food shops and restaurants there.

Chandni Chowk

If you’re a vegetarian, then you need not worry, Chandni Chowk have plenty of restaurants to please your taste buds. Kake Di Hatti is famous for hearty vegetarian food, and here you’ll find yourself gorging on classics such as koftas and stuffed naans.


You can probably say that the entirety of Hyderabad is a place to enjoy iftar. The Nizam cuisine, which is integral to Hyderabad’s culture, is one of the specialities in Hyderabad. The most popular dish which Hyderabad even exports to the Middle East is haleem, a stew made of wheat or barley. Some popular restaurants in Hyderabad include Pista House in Moghalpura and Madina Hotel in Ghansi Bazaar.


Colootola Mosque

The stalls in this area are famous for iftar and offer Nawabi biryani and kebabs. This is the best place to savour authentic Bengali Nawabi cuisine. If you are a sweet lover, the famous Shahi Tukra is also available in certain stalls.

Zakaria Street

Zakaria Street in Kolkata is famous for all things meaty like ribs, mutton chops, and even their haleem. The Special haleem from Aminia Restaurant is a popular favourite with all the diners here.


If you thought Chennai was falling short on iftar delicacies, then don’t worry. We discovered more than just one bustling lane of food for your this Ramadan.

Mannady Street

The food hunt at George Town’s Mannady Street begins at Kabab Centre, then move on to Alreef and Hatimy’s. Kabab Centre has on display some mouth-watering Tangadi and Reshmi Kebabs. Down the same road is one of the original Alreef branches. The boys here sell around 300 shawarmas a day and these fat rolls are super filling. At the end of Mannady Street is Hatimy’s with its huge line up of fried food to break your fast. Best delicacies try the Tangadi Kebabs, Lucknowi Sheekh, Hungama Chicken topped with wontons and the Breaded Kebabs.


Right next to Hotel Sagar are kiosks selling the famous Masala Milk and Lassi starting at INR 30. And then comes the halwa from Basha Halwa. Another famous place for the sweet tooth, their Dum Ka Roll which is a sort of a fried Pal Kova with Pista toppings will leave you drooling. You could also check out their classic Gulab Jamuns.

Another rare find is the Ande Ka Meetha (Egg Halwa) – a special egg savoury which you’ll get in the tiny bakery right opposite the Jani Jahan Khan Road police station.

And for some Nawabi style food we found a pop up style food stall inside the Triplicane Big Mosque compound. Known as the Badi Masjid and located on the Triplicane High Road, the compound hosts this kiosk that churns out tangy Chicken and Beef Shammis. These cutlets are as authentic as it can get.


Food stalls had been banned on Mosque Road in Frazer Town in Bangalore. But the foodies have no reason to despair as RT Nagar has housed many of those displaced stall-holders. While you get your halims and firnis all around town, there are a few Ramzan-special food stalls you shouldn’t miss.

Stalls have come up in Shivajinagar, Koramangala, Tilak Nagar and other places too. In Frazer Town, the restaurants have taken to displaying their signature Ramzan dishes. If you are in Bangalore this Ramadan season here are some delicacies you should try around town.

  1. Patthar Gosht: Head to RT Nagar for this lamb dish, which is prepared on a hot stone and traces its origin to Hyderabad.
  2. Veal Kebab: This soft, boneless beef kebab rates high on the spice quotient. This is a hot favourite, no pun intended, in Shivaji Nagar.
  3. Murgh Pahadi Kebab: The herbs and the tender chicken come together to create a distinct taste that one can never have enough of. Head to RT Nagar for this.
  4. Chicken Nihari: Think melt-in-your-mouth chicken in a spicy stew that goes best with fresh Idiyappams. Shivaji Nagar and Koramangala are the hot spots.
  5. Quail Fry: If you’re headed for Tilak Nagar, then stop for this. Also known as Kaada Fry, this one is simply meant to be mopped up with rotis and naans.
  6. Seekh Kebab: Fanoos is a well-known spot. Take your pick from chicken, mutton, or beef seekhs. But the stalls nearby do a great job too.
  7. Bheja Fry Puffs: This famous Bengaluru iftar food is only available during Ramzan. Head straight to Albery Bakery in Frazer Town.
  8. Double ka meetha: This luxurious dessert is an Indian version of bread pudding, with fried bread slices soaked in hot milk with saffron, cardamom and other spices. Found almost everywhere.
  9. Khubani ka meetha: This Hyderabadi recipe calls for slow cooked apricots. It tastes best with chilled cream and is available at the stalls in Bannerghatta.
  10. Badam Harira: Made with almonds and milk, this nutritious and hydrating drink is a Ramandan must-have. Drink it hot at any of the stalls around the city.

So listen you foodies… what are you waiting for? Just grab a handful of these delicious gourmets and start munching away…


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