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Poland-The Juncture of Major Trade Routes

Poland is a central European nation located at the geographic crossroads of the lush plains of the Eurasian frontier, the Atlantic ocean’s sea-lanes and the forest-dense Northwestern Europe. The well-connected location at the crossing of major trade routes along with the fact that it is a melting pot of diverse cultures and nationalities makes this European gem of a city lends it a culinary heritage and unique flavours unlike any other.

The Polish recipes and preparatory methods to the culinary arts have been continuously tested by time and over the years, today they produce food in production facilities which boast state-of-the-art machinery of supreme quality standards and highest safety. The Polish experiences over the years bear fruition at this juncture as nowadays, consumers are on the lookout for high quality, unforgettable taste and smell. Furthermore, the allure of agri-food products from Poland lies in its ability to quickly adapt to the wide range of needs to even the most demanding of recipients with the attractive product portfolio.

Poland tastes good

The Polish nation devotes attention and prioritises food exports, promoting them under the tagline ‘Poland tastes good’ in foreign markets. This helps build a uniform promotional message which has the ability to resonate with the ever-increasing international customers. The vivid yet sophisticated Polish food scene is one of the major selling points and the focus remains on quality, affordability and diversity with major import and export trade policy.

The Apple Of Poland’s Eye

Poland is a healthy eater and a fruit lover’s paradise; apples (jabłka) are the cream of the crop! ECO Group is the major producer of the Class I apple from Europe’s biggest fruit plant area (Grójec) and their products are meant for mass-market consumers looking for the best rates and premium quality apples. The ECO Group calibrates every 2mm of the apples and sorts them by the newest technology lines which prevent production damage to the produce. The apples are packed in multiple ways of proven package formats- either in moulded fruit trays or left loose, as per the request of the clients.

Industry sources state that Gala, Red Delicious, Red Chief and Jonaprice are the popular apple varieties for new plantings. The Polish climatic conditions were not conducive to the cultivation of the Elstar varieties of apples. A Trade Post projection states that fresh apple exports will significantly increase this year as compared to the last owing to record production and good fruit quality ideal for desserts. Delicious Polish apples find their way into several dessert varieties too like Ligol, Jonagold, Gloster and Cortland.

The Fruit of Labour of Polish Research

The temperate climate of the country makes Poland an important temperate fruit producer in the global market. Popular Polish produce includes apples, raspberries, sour cherries, currants and high bush blueberries which are the stars of the EU market. There is also a significant production of gooseberries, chokeberries and strawberries in Poland.
Research in all areas from fruit, vegetable, ornamental plants and bee sciences alongside a basic study on physiology, molecular biology and biochemistry and application of biotechnology, protection of genetic resources, creative breeding has brought Poland to the global position where it lies today. Focus is also placed on agronomy, plant pathology, food safety, storage and processing of fruits and vegetables as well as horticultural engineering, economics and marketing.

Research suggests that since almost all of the fruits and most vegetable plants are entomophilous necessitating the role of bees for pollination, bee science is also now part of the programme in the Institute. It also participates in governmental research programs on food safety, production of organic fruits and vegetables and campaigns to modify the evolving nutritional habits of consumers in Poland. Furthermore, the institute expands beyond just research and has been involved in commercial activities mainly pertaining to food analysis.

As a result of collaboration with the major stakeholders, active extension and implementation programmes, the research institute has contributed largely to the development and amelioration of horticultural production around Poland.

Sweet Stuff: Polish Confectionery

The Polish confectionery market is valued at an estimated PLN 17 billion (this figure includes salty snacks and ice creams too). In the current scenario, up to 700 thousand tons of sweets like chocolate products, confectionery and biscuits are manufactured per year. Projective figures from research conducted by KPMG reveals that the future of confectionery is bright as 91% of the respondents purchase sweets. Within the overall food basket category, the market for sweets and snacks are developing a lot faster. Over the course of the past year, a dynamic growth rate was seen among muesli bars, biscuits and novelty chocolate figurines and sets.

Now, the food trend that dominates the market is one that focuses fit and the ‘free from’ foods. It’s important to focus on the customers’ preferences- few consumers prefer traditional flavours and recipes while others are inclined towards innovations and novelties. Consumers who fall into the former category prefer recognised brands which have been around for several years and they tend to be faithful to their choices. The latter category of consumers is a growing group and they’re inclined to following trends. They purchase pro-health sweets, confectionery with reduced sugar content, products with fortified vitamins and minerals and fibre-rich content. Manufacturers draw more motivation from this growing consumer category and fine-tune their existing products and get involved in the development of new ones.

The Polagra Food Fair- good food, innovation and business meetings

The annual B2B event directed towards creating business opportunities and relationships amongst manufacturers and potential customers. With representatives from the food sectors from countries all around the world and four days of contracting meetings, the Polish trade market gains more exposure among potential buyers.
The Hosted Buyers program consists of pre-arranged meetings with retail chain representatives and purchasing groups as well as wholesalers and distributors from potential Polish food export buyers. Previous surveys suggest that meat and meat products, dairy, fruits and vegetable preserves and frozen fruit and vegetables, cereals and alcohols are the products which pique the interest of the international buyers the most.

Poland never Chickens out

Drobex is a popular frozen meat and poultry brand which is available in all major supermarket and food chains across Poland and Western Europe. With two modern production plants producing raw and frozen chicken meat and sausages with constant veterinary supervision in line with food standards. With an intense quality control process, modern solutions to production problems, a team of qualified specialists and complete attention to customer satisfaction, Drobex has been conferred with several awards and distributors spread out all over the country and the world.

Where Poland stands on the global trade scene

On a global scale, Poland comes within the top 25 largest export economies in the world.

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