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Face of Triumph


Mohammed Tasleel who found the Tisha Corporate Services in the year 2004 has today two branches at Bangalore with around 16 employees and a back end staff of 10 that supports him on his every stride. They are a corporate Leasing Real Estate and Interiors firm that is a force to reckon with on what is known as the Silicon Valley of India. Amongst many of their services, they offer professional expertise on renting spaces in Bangalore which sees a rising demand by each passing day.

Over a span of more than a decade they have handled a wide range of projects including real estate and interiors; this with the help of a team of management consultants and reality professionals who have been renowned for their outstanding client service. From business centres to rental office spaces in Technopark or SEZ, they provide comprehensive solutions to all requirements.

Nowadays running an office in the SEZ (Special Economic Zones) Bangalore is a dream for many businesses in the silicon city: says Mohammed Tasleel, the director of TCS (Tisha Corporate Services).

The SEZ Bangalore is designated for the purpose of carrying out the trade, business operations, and all, at reduced tariff, duties, and taxes. “Serviced SEZ units Bangalore is unique and smaller units. These office spaces carry their own integrated infrastructure and other support services extended to the businesses.

Unlike committing for an unwanted larger office space in Bangalore, our company will help people find the smaller, compact and serviced SEZ units in Bangalore to run their business: he says.

This company which has a motto to have ethics in business and client satisfactory chose Bangalore as it is a Metro city that is developing tremendously in IT and other sectors. Hence, opportunities are unlimited and there was always room for a trustworthy business firm like TCS.

Tisha offers business solutions for corporate firms, multinational companies, and industries that streamline real estate strategies to enhance their overall business performance and operational productivity thereby, helping their clients in increasing their margin by reducing cost. The company strives to achieve long term cost effective solutions for occupants of business centres in Bangalore.

Mr. Tasleel’s father was into Wood industries, Timbers, and Interiors and he was the one who gave Tasleel the first lessons of business and how to meticulously apply and execute them right from his childhood. At one stage, his father had a contract with Karnataka state Forest Industries Corporation, Bangalore way back in 2002. Being exposed to a business atmosphere from a very young age enabled him to learn the trade more than from any other university. When it was his turn to take on the world by himself, Tasleel started with an interior firm and after two years he ventured into consultancy of software companies. This was the beginning and after 12 years of corporate consulting, they have a lot of big names in their kitty like Huawei, Myntra, Toshiba, Aditya Birla Securities, N H Hospitals ,Carlson, Teranatics, Neevtech, Gkn Aerospace to name a few. This itself puts TCS right on top of the ladder.

As far as a corporate leasing company is concerned, Tisha is the most trusted when it comes to providing the right expertise to the local market. The company provides a sharply focused suite of services that are unique in the commercial real estate and interior industry. Retail tenant representation services are persistently improving in Bangalore nowadays. TCS is also prominent for excellence in tenant representations.

The company provides you memorable services whether it is for a single or multiple retail locations. Their tried and tested tenant representation process allows them to consistently achieve long term cost effective solutions for occupiers of office spaces. Their process relies on gaining a detailed understanding of the tenant’s business needs, identifying a shortlist of potential properties and ultimately negotiating with one or more suitable properties. The retail services that the client receives also include practical solutions along with a wide range of international trends in the retail sector. The company is highly dedicated and is always ready to help their clients. They value each and every client of theirs the same. Be it a multinational company or a client with a minor requirement, the company treats them with utmost care and the better of the services one can get. This was one of the first lessons, Tasleel learned from his father.

The company is gradually growing into one of the largest retail tenant networks in Bangalore today. Property solutions are also handed out to all the clients by them. These tenant representation services are mostly suited to your needs and future objectives. TCS rates the trust of the client above the profit out of a business deal, because business is something that needs to look upon with a long-term perspective. Keeping that in mind they always do what is best for the client.

Their landlord representation and project marketing services are aimed at enhancing asset value for building owners through maximizing rental values, occupancy levels, and tenant quality. Their services run through the entire development cycle from initial concept and project feasibility to the leasing or sale of the completed product and beyond. CresAdvisor, which is also under Tasleel’s leadership, has a very good in-depth marketing knowledge, innovative ideas and extensive industry contacts allow their specialists to match the need of investors with market opportunities. with its reach and comprehensive market knowledge is considered to be the leading firm for landlords and developers.

At, they do not work with individuals and corporations seeking housing solutions, but they also have a team dedicated solely to working with and representing developers and landlords. has been an integral part of many successful residential projects in Asia Pacific, located in both first and second tier cities and has accumulated a wealth of industry experiences and expertise that is renowned in the market. Their Residential Project marketing team works closely with research and valuation department to conduct an analysis of the proposed pilot of land and the suggested usage. Corporate Residential Services are highly utilized today and it has gained a lot of recognition in Bangalore.

What does is that they effectively improve the value of your properties and also aim at enhancing and improving the tenant quality. The company offers periodical advice in the early market analysis and evaluation stage on their design, development layout and construction of the project as well as the best development steps and capital management. They present you with innovative ideas and help you meet your objectives.

They are also versed in government policy negotiations and advisory and are ideally positioned to assist our clients with planning content. Obtaining these services will also enable you for a variety of extensive market opportunities that you may consider. From a single shop to a 300,000 sq.m. mall, also has the ability to create the most dynamic results for the ever-yearning yield.

With sustainable profitability at the forefront of the focus, can design a service unique to any retail real estate scheme. Retail stores make a lot of revenue every day and today almost everyone wants to have a retail space of their own. They represent property owners in the most significant leasing transactions occurring in major commercial markets.

The company’s leasing team, which has specialized expertise in landlord presentation, develop and execute customized leasing plans to efficiently and effectively reach client goals. Drawing on their unmatched local market knowledge, the agency leasing team develops a property-specific leasing plan designed to maximize benefits and value for clients. Getting a financial analysis of the whole thing will make your decisions much simpler. Their professionals make educated recommendations based on current real estate market conditions, current retail climate, historical trends, competition and analysis of the future evolution of retail markets.

By combining the assets of their extensive research and advisory staff with retail experts, Cresadvisors. com can accommodate single store retailers to multi-store chains, large-scale developments, and diverse retail portfolios spread over all of Asia Pacific. Working hand in hand with their clients, they ensure that the company’s consulting reports deliver all that the client needs in order to make educated and accurate decisions and predictions in the ever-changing retail market in Asia-Pacific. The company’s Retail Services department provides developers with practical and appropriate solutions to any retail development project.

“Our teams combine extensive local knowledge with wide-ranging international expertise, drawing on the global resources and retail knowledge of the latest trends in the retail sector but most importantly we also have unique access to international retailers who are looking to expand into Asia: says Tanseel.

Cres Advisors represents some of the largest brands in the world, constantly trying to improve commercial terms and location. Bringing proven brands to a new market or helping a new product enter the local arena. Cres Advisors understands the sensitivity of protecting the ‘brand name’, what this means to the future of business and how imperative market perception can be.

The company’s Investment Acquisition team works directly with potential investors and sources suitable opportunities on their behalf. They have access to both “on” and “off” market opportunities, and are able to successfully meet the needs of our clients in a wide range of property areas.

TCS’ Investment Sales systematically targets investors across all property areas in Bengaluru, utilizing in-depth market knowledge and expertise. They fully screen all potential purchasers and work with the seller to develop a marketing strategy, preparing marketing particulars and investment memorandums. They co-ordinate pre-purchase due diligence and negotiate favorable terms, leading to the successful exchange of contracts.

Moreover, they also help clients in the registration of the property. “We are able to professionally manage and execute instructions within rigid time frames: says Tasleel.Investment Advisory in Tasleel’s company provides the institutional investors or corporate clients with strategic advice on market entry/exit to maximize investment return.

Through detailed market research and analysis, they are able to provide a comprehensive overview of the current market conditions and our view of future performance. The company works out the maximum ROI to their investors. Combining financial analysis and funding services, they work across all property sectors to lead their clients in managing single assets, portfolio and corporate sales and acquisitions.

The company’s Strategic Account Managers are appointed to assignments to support the efficient, seamless delivery of multiple Client Solutions services as required.

Tisha Corporate Service’s professionals form close, hands-on partnerships with their clients to ensure that all services provided are coordinated and focused on helping their clients achieve their real estate and business goals – and to simplify tracking and reporting procedures.

“Our transaction team takes a comprehensive approach to projects by working with clients to thoroughly understand their business goals and objectives: says the director.A lease means more than simply securing the space where you do business—for most companies, real estate represents the second-largest expense after personnel.

As a leasing representative, the company seeks to understand a client’s business requirements and paint a clear picture of the market. They have what it takes to provide a client with critical information, and assist them in evaluating this information and selecting the real estate options that best fit their goals.

As a sales representative, TCS ensure that the client’s properties receive maximum market exposure by listing them with numerous multiple listing services.

“We conduct exhaustive tenant searches using develop customized marketing, and aggressively pursue prospects: says Tasleel. Their comprehensive approach enables them to quickly and efficiently lease or sell the client’s properties.

Whether your company operates in one location or hundreds, TCS take the time to understand their client’s concerns for cost, stability and flexibility. They also audit to ensure contracts are properly administered, and systematically manage your lease agreements to ensure they support your business strategy.

Land Acquisitions

Their Land Acquisitions wing is well expertized in the land identification, sourcing, acquisition and other government related Liasoning. They also do customized service to their esteemed clients.The company developed a transactional “playbook” that incorporates all relevant business criteria affecting portfolio strategy.

Finally, they assign a track and monitor ongoing transactions to ensure quality, cost savings and consistency of service delivery across multiple tactical transaction providers. Client satisfaction is of prior importance for them. Mohammed Tasleel, the rising businessman who is the Director of the company hails from Mangalore says his biggest strength is his stellar team.

Over the past 12 years, the biggest achievement of his company is that they have been able to establish in Bangalore Market and overcome the recession in 2011 without affecting the company growth. 12 years is a long time to stay up on the ladder these days.

He is never deterred by what happens on the global market or so, as he believes that there is nothing to worry about when your trust is with the Almighty, and when you are doing business with a bunch of hardworking people like his own employees. However, he says there is no business without clients, and they have been relentless with their impeccable trust and support at all times. Overcoming all the hurdles of global crisis was made possible as they constantly reassessed the marketing plan, policies, product pricing, and performance of employees.

During tough times, employees were motivated and they were made confident to overcome all setbacks. Tasleel reckons that all Real Estateand Interior companies have to compose strategies for untoward happenings well in advance before it occurs.

This will help the companies to last in turbulent times. He says a lot of importance should be given to Marketing and Advertising as it helps them to find a good number of clients who may require the services of the companies to fulfill their projects or assignments on time. The companies should start contacting their past client and provide service from ground level.

Tasleel feels that a constant exercise of research and development on the part of good business houses will create confidence and a feeling of “never give up” amongst its loyal customers. One feels the government of India should
promote Research and Development in the country.

Tasleel reckons that today Real estate and Interior Market has a boom in Bangalore Market and foreign investments are fast approaching. Keeping this in mind his Future goal will be to expand Globally. As they are already members of Brai, Ifma, World Properties, and Nar they are also planning to start new operations across India.

Philanthropy Works

Tisha Corporate Services is not only about meriting from the business. Even though they never brag and are very secretive when sharing the details of their philanthropy works, the company is quite passionate about giving back to the society. Tasleel says the left hand shouldn’t know what the right hand gives.

Their charity works are associated with many orphanages, educational institutions and also actively do a few corporate social responsibility programs. All these causes have been well supported, as they believe it is necessary to make people aware and strive on doing the needful.

“We do a lot of CSR Programmes with the help of corporates and HNI’s as part of social Responsibility and actively involved in the community and cultural programmes and helped Singapore international foundation to tie up with the state government for healthcare training programmes with the backing of Temasek.

We helped a lot of big brands to start the operations in Bangalore like Huawei, Education First, Teranatics , Shop a Docket, GKN aerospace to name a few: he says.They have started one more company called TAS advisors two years back where they mainly focus on interiors for startups and consulting. “We have a lot of outsourced architects to execute turnkey projects: says Tasleel

Tasleel is a happily married man who is a proud father of his three daughters Tisha (12 Years), Tanisha (11 Years) and Tahani (three years). His wife Suraiya Tasleel is a very jovial, easy going person who has a positive attitude towards life. She makes a perfect match for Tasleel.

On the midst of such a busy life, he still finds a way to spend some quality family time. They are pretty regular on their holiday trips to Dubai, which is also one of Tasleel’s favorite holiday destination. The others being Maldives and London. Tasleel believes that how a man is to his family talks a lot of his character.

Tasleel feels that the company has still miles to go forward, and the coming years will definitely be interesting. They will be soon venturing into software technology with a firm called Smart Brains, aimed for the safe environment of citizens of India.

Leasing is very popular in Bangalore these days and is mainly done for acquiring offices or homes. People realize that at certain times, real estate could prove to be expensive when it comes to office leasing or sales.

TCS provide such services considering the client’s cost as well flexibility options like no one does, and then allocate space in any location that is best suited for their business. People are well aware of this, and that is why Tasleel feels coming times are going to get even more interesting. People understand that a lease agreement must be framed before leasing of any property and the company providing the service will keep it safe and administer it at all times.

The services that TCS offer are systematic and they always focus on strengthening the business strategies of the clients.When asked about other competitors Mohammed Tasleel laughs. He feels there is plenty of room for everyone to coexist. He says that he does not have a problem as long as everyone work towards the good direction, and that is what most real estate companies does these days.

He doesn’t believe in competition he says, as it takes away the focus from the larger picture and that is to give the best to your elite clients. He says the way of doing business in the real estate field in Bangalore has changed a lot in the last few years. Today there is far less corruption and he reckons that the current government has done a wonderful job in achieving this.

Their services that provides investors, owners and occupiers with a comprehensive range of integrated real estate services includes Business Centres and Incubation Centres, Office spaces in Bengaluru, Business Centers, Office Space for rent in Techno Parka, and SEZ, Commercial space for rent in Bengaluru, Commercial Tenant Representation, Commercial Landlord Representation, Corporate Residential Services, Industrial Residential Landlord Representation, Retail Shopping Centres, Retail Tenant Representation, Investment Acquisition, Investment Sales, Investment Advisory, Strategic Account Management, Office Leasing and Sales, Lab Spaces, and Office Furniture Rental.

Tisha Corporate Services prides itself on reputation as an independent company that places clients’ needs at the forefront of everything it does. To its clients, it is more than just a service provider; it is an insight, a solution, and a competitive advantage, a familiar voice, a trusted opinion, a friendly conversation. It is a company that listens where others assume, taking the time to understand each client’s business objectives and offering practical direction that achieves real results. With a holistic understanding of the property sector, Tisha Corporate Services offers its clients integrated solutions, utilizing its knowledge and expertise in all areas of the property cycle. Successful and lasting working relationships are formed whereby Tisha Corporate Services and the client become one, a combined force working towards a collective goal—and succeeding.


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