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P Rajeev – A Shining Armour of Indian Constitution

A good politician is the loudest voice of the nation’s people. In the era of self-served political strategies, it’s hard to find a leader with unflinching spirit to challenge the laws and officialdom, so as to bring about better social welfare.

Where constitution is the highest law of the nation, a courageous politician who abides and researches every single fragment of laws, so as to provide a progressive life for the people is an absolute asset.

P Rajeev, Ex MP and current CPI (Marxist) Ernakulam District Secretary is an ideal of political courage and integrity, who reflects dynamism throughout his political journey. The man, who put even the top delegators on toes during his 6 years tenure as Member of Parliament, possesses a rare mix of elegance and bravery.

Rajeev’s strong ideals and principles combined with the love for his social welfare, makes him extremely worthy to be titled as the “Politician of the Year”.

Born in Meladoor in Thrissur district to Late Mr P Vasudevan (Retired Revenue Inspector) and Mrs Radha Vasudevan, Rajeev was active in progressive student movements starting from his school days.

He embarked his political journey as the organiser of Students Federation Of India (SFI) and was subsequently deployed as President and Secretary of SFI Kerala State Committee. He has also served as the Joint Secretary and Vice President of SFI Central Committee too.

Not an accidental politician, he was the District Secretary of Democratic Youth Federation Of India (DYFI). Rajeev protested against commercialisation and saffronisation of education, despite being brutally assailed by police officials. He has also organised employees of Cochin International Airport and Carborundum Universal Company when he was an active member of Trade Union.

He started his career as a practising lawyer in Kerala High Court, before stepping on to his full time socio-political life. Married to Mrs A Vani Kesari, the teacher at School of Legal Studies (CUSAT), Rajeev is blessed with two daughters Hridhya Rajeev and Haritha Rajeev.

A Sage Politician

Elected as Member Of Parliament to Rajya Sabha on 29th April 2009, Rajeev set a breakthrough in his political career by ensuring his relentless service throughout his tenure of 6 years. His strong moral compass and ideology were momentous for the radical changes he brought about during his tenure.

Known for his profound knowledge in constitutional laws and inquisitive researches, Rajeev was called as “Encyclopaedia of Laws” by Ghulam Nabi Azad during Rajeev’s farewell from Rajya Sabha. He believes in studying and researching laws in depth, before giving in to debates. He engaged in 219 debates, raising 792 questions and introduced four private members bill during his official term, making him one of the most active members in Rajya Sabha. He is also the first person to use statutory motion to address issues.

Rajeev graduated in Economics from St Pauls College, Kalamassery & later did LLB from Government Law College, Ernakulam. He also holds a diploma in Chemical Engineering. He believes in learning everything fair and objective, so as to give real and unbiased judgements on every issue. His profound knowledge in various subjects was admired by most of the Members Of Parliament.

Rajeev has also served as Resident Editor of Deshabhimani Daily, and is also a member of Board of Studies in Journalism at the University Of Calicut. He contributes to the Press Accreditation Committee of Government of Kerala and has worked as Editor of “Student”, the monthly journal of SFI and “The Researcher” biannual research journal of the research sub-committee of SFI.

Fusion of Grit and Grace

Comrade Rajeev framed a new definition for political courage by questioning bigotry and injustice, even if it is politically unfavourable for him. He values constitutional laws and welfare of the nation above any supreme authorities.

One such instance is his confrontation with former External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid on his view of US embassy’s spying scandal. Rajeev opined that the issue must not be taken lightly and recommended internet companies to disclose details of Indian users to the government, thereby accelerating the decision to form privacy legislation by integrating Justice A P Shah’s recommendations.

Another significant opposition in his political career is the objection he raised against draconian Section 66A of the IT Act which has been nullified as “unconstitutional” by Supreme Court subsequently. Rajeev proposed a private members bill appealing substantial changes in country’s laws.

On a former instance, he questioned the attendance shortage of master blaster Sachin Tendulkar and of actress Rekha in Rajya Sabha during their MP tenure, which shows he values constitutional laws above entirety. For him, laws are same for everyone, thus articulating his ideology.

His objection to the introduction of Bundelkand University, because of its state affair nature, dissenting former HRD Minister Kapil Sibal is another ray of his robust courage. Rajeev has also articulated significant reforms in his own party. Once such paradigm is his proposal for amending party’s constitutional law, thereby ensuring atleast 10 percent of party committee members must be under the age of 40. Rajeev also suggested a process to change 20 percent of party committee members every three years.

Despite the oppositions he raised when the laws are stained, Rajeev is one of the most respected MP Rajya Sabha has witnessed. Right after his completion of MP tenure, outsized praises heaped upon him even from the opposition party leaders. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and other political leaders recommended the comeback of P Rajeev to Rajya Sabha, which manifests how his deeds are admired by everyone across parties.

Although a strong debater, he believes in disagreeing with respect and thus following country’s democracy for improving the lives of people.  Time was when he urged his supporters to follow the example of Congress led Koothatukulam municipality, in completing the state and central government projects for the local bodies. He has a rare political grace to accept and appreciate good deeds done even by the opposition parties, without any prejudice.

Service Is the Highest Law

As a politician who works round the clock for the welfare of the people, Rajeev takes few more steps forward to ensure everyone receives their fundamental rights and facilities. He used most of his MP funds for the betterment of health and education. By integrating CSR and individual charities, he launched free dialysis centre in Aluva which is entitled as the largest public sector dialysis centre in India.

Installing linear accelerator radiation machine for Ernakulam General Hospital cancer centre and air-conditioning its male and female cancer wards turns out to be the cardinal achievements in his political career.

As a man whose sense of selfless service is never in question, he demanded the speeding up of the development of Early Cancer Detection Centre at Kaloor. Rajeev utilized his MP funds to facilitate amenities such as telemedicine, advanced lab and expert diagnosis to ensure better cancer treatment for the public.

Currently designated as CPI(M) District Secretary, Rajeev extends his service to achieve new responsibilities outside the Parliament arena. He was instrumental in forming “Kanivu Action Force” which helps accident victims through training selected auto drivers and head-load workers.

The SUCHI @ School, an e-toilet project for promoting inclusive hygiene was developed by P Rajeev. When students were facing problems with lack of toilet and the absence of girls friendly toilets were blowing up, SUCHI @ School utilized technological interventions such as napkin incinerators.  It received Kerala Chief Minister’s Developmental Innovation Award 2011 by Oommen Chandy government. Rajeev contributed the award money of Rs. 5 lakhs for implementing napkin vending machines in girls’ schools.

He has also contributed to rural development programs such as Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana by adopting Udyamperoor village. He possesses a keen interest in farmer’s issues and is an ardent supporter of organic living. He initiated the successful sales of organic farming stalls during the “Vishu” period. Rajeev is also planning to launch an exclusive project on organic living so as to persuade organic farming in flats and villas.

Being one of the top model parliamentarians, Rajeev was honoured with the Sansad Ratna 7th edition award, for his exceptional contribution during MP tenure.

It’s the people who need the voice in the form of leaders. When the effects of laws are strayed, a courageous leader like him is the need of the nation. Good chapters of justice and welfare would thus usher in for the country.


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All stories by: Cochin Herald