How flats are safe in floods ?

The news channels have been awash with images of homes under water, but what about the impact of flooding on flats? While flat owners may think they are safe from flooding, they could in fact be at risk of what can be at best an inconvenience and at worst catastrophic destruction caused by unexpected floods. […]

Reliance CSR – Thinking beyond business

India caters the corporates to focus towards its wider social responsibilities and work towards the betterment of the society through Corporate Social Responsibility law. As per the CSR, the Companies Act, 2013 is a landmark legislation that made India the first country to mandate and quantify CSR expenditure. The inclusion of CSR is an attempt […]

Healthcare Access and Quality: India ranked 145th

India have been ranked 145th among 195 countries in terms of quality and accessibility of healthcare, behind its neighbours like China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bhutan, according to recent reports. The Global Burden of Disease study, however, mentioned that India has seen improvements in healthcare access and quality since 1990. In 2016, India’s healthcare access […]

Takeover Season

End of the financial season tends to bring a lot of changes in the economic realm no matter the company. The recent developments in this field however were too much for the general public. A myriad of takeovers and acquisitions were seen in the past months – too fast. The complex phenomenon that mergers and […]

Port of Amsterdam - Words and Actions

Ports are continually changing in tandem with economic and social developments. This has and always will be the case. The Port of Amsterdam has undergone multiple transformations through the centuries – from a herring harbour into a staple market and ultimately into an energy port. Koen Overtoom, CEO Port of Amsterdam, explains: We are now […]

Jordan King: Business ventures to be hassle-free

King Abdullah II Al Hussein of Jordan has promised a liberal regime for visiting Indians and business persons and offered to solve any challenge faced by the visitors that was brought to the notice of the Indian embassy in Amman. Addressing industry leaders at a business meeting in his honour, organised by FICCI, CII and […]

The art in recyclism – Zayd Menk

Waste management and recycling is an enormous task which involves both logistical planning and scientific knowledge in order to balance the impact on the environment and the cost effectiveness of the process. Recycling of waste product to a great extend can help conserve our planet’s natural beauty. It not only helps in conserving our natural […]

Women’s Empowerment: The need for Silence Breaking and Interdependence

Remarks by Frank F. Islam at India Republic Day event hosted by NCAIA on 26 Jan 2018 Let me extend my warmest Republic Day greetings to all of you. On this occasion of Republic day, I wish all of you and India a wonderful, prosperous, and peaceful 2018 and one Nation under God. As one […]

Building success with Engineering & Technology

Not many are aware of the difficulties involved in building something like a superstructure to small types of equipment or products. It takes a lot of determination, spunk and excessive thinking to build something. Engineering technology to that extent is the practical application of science and engineering to a wide range of real-world problems. It […]

Ansif Ashraf - Ace of change

From handpicking the future trends to running different successful business ventures, Ansif Ashraf has already made a visible mark in all his business ventures. Known as an international speaker, moderator, writer, entrepreneur and editor, his multi-faceted skills and his new-found ilk of being called the ‘ace of change’ is worth the efforts put forward. A […]