Shiraz Daud Ozman – Conquering the impossible

Success is always intriguing. Nevertheless, it is the most overlooked element in life. When successful people inspire us to perform better, we often disregard the sleepless nights and endless efforts they invested in achieving their purpose in life and business. The fortune, luxury and comfort they own make us believe that some people inherit those […]

Lalu Samuel – Partnering brands to reach the zenith

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can achieve so much.”  Helen Keller’s inspiring words on collaboration and success are exemplified by industrial baron, Lalu Samuel, the Chairman and Managing Director of Kingston Holdings FZC. The multibillion dollar worth company is based in the industrial capital of UAE, Sharjah’s International Airport Free Zone (SAIF […]

Sharoon Shamsuddin: Roadmap for young entrepreneurs

Majority of today’s younger population aspires to be an entrepreneur one day or the other. The noise, hype, money and fame depicted by entrepreneurship are always a high-end fascination for them. Yet, only 3.6% of all businesses are owned by people under the age of 30, says a millennial survey by Bentley University. When youth […]

Dr. A Velumani - Focus, Learn and Grow

Focus on the possibilities of success, not on the potential for failure. These inspiring words by Napolean Hill are embodied by Dr. Arokiaswami Velumani, the Founder and Managing Director of Thyrocare Technologies Ltd., India’s first fully automated and globally accredited diagnostic laboratory network with a strong presence in nearly 2,000 cities worldwide. The brand is […]

Saiju Aravind - Codes of e-learning: An edupreneur’s vision

The educational system has witnessed a lot of changes with time. The ancient teaching methods of Gurukul system evolved with modern technology, paving the way to new concepts of learning.  Most of the time, schools are well equipped with the best faculty, but they fail to imbibe the learning experience into their students. Often, teachers […]

Suhas S. IAS - Setting new paradigms with a success story

It is always a bliss to enjoy the lush greenery and warmth of cool breeze, one feel in Wayanad, a rural district in Kerala state. The high altitudes, the forest range, wildlife sanctuary, ancient caves always have a cajoling effect on the tourists. This is what encaptivates, the District Collector, Mr. Suhas Shivanna IAS, who […]

P Rajeev – A Shining Armour of Indian Constitution

A good politician is the loudest voice of the nation’s people. In the era of self-served political strategies, it’s hard to find a leader with unflinching spirit to challenge the laws and officialdom, so as to bring about better social welfare. Where constitution is the highest law of the nation, a courageous politician who abides […]

Belmont Tech - Future complaint solutions

‘Next Generation’ is a word that seems to fit Belmont Tech to the T. The flourishing company, headquartered in California, the Mecca of technological innovations, has a whole array of solutions to offer. Their impressive portfolio lists global giants in education, corporate, defence, administration and other sectors as their clients. Belmont Tech provides innovative, next […]

Fly With Me

Travel is not often all it is romanticized to be. It involves long layovers, unfamiliar surroundings, strange situations and often, disturbing incidents. Yet, we do travel, for there is so much to see, explore and experience. Travel opens up our minds, reminding us that those across political and geographical barriers are our brethren. Two business […]

Education beyond the borders

Studying abroad has many benefits. Studying in a foreign country, adds to the confidence of the student while giving him or her, a better understanding of the multicultural world we inhabit. Overseas education is as much about the experience as it is about the degree or certification. It presents a wonderful opportunity to broaden one’s […]