The Hearing-Impaired Filmmaker: Siddharth’s Inspirational Story

22-year-old Siddharth, fondly known as Appu, was first diagnosed with profound hearing loss 6 months after he was born, and a BERA test confirmed the diagnosis. A Mother’s Love Doctors informed Siddharth’s anxious parents that he would not be able to hear or speak at all. Though they were devastated to hear this, there wasn’t […]

Meera U Menon-A Story of Strength, Smiles, & a Split Spine

Born with Spina Bifida Meera was born with a rare condition called Spina Bifida, otherwise known as a Split Spine. A sac-like feature was present on her back when she was born- the options presented to her parents were to leave it as it was or surgical intervention. She underwent the surgery at the tender […]

Women Empowerment: The other side of the coin- Cultural acceptance

The current era has seen ample examples of women empowered and reaching zenith. The basic assumption which arises from the word ‘empowered women’ is that of a woman who is bold, a rebel, assertive, stubborn and non- adherence to the so-called norms and views. To bring it under a single label, ‘A strong woman’. Tackling […]

HOPE Child Cancer Care Foundation

Where Hope, Help & Healing Meet HOPE Child Cancer Care Foundation was founded in 2016 as a result of a personal incident in Haris Kattakath and his wife Suhada’s life. They were in the U.S. on a family trip and on the day they were to return back home, their 10-month-old son Mohamed Naazim began […]

Poland-The Juncture of Major Trade Routes

Poland is a central European nation located at the geographic crossroads of the lush plains of the Eurasian frontier, the Atlantic ocean’s sea-lanes and the forest-dense Northwestern Europe. The well-connected location at the crossing of major trade routes along with the fact that it is a melting pot of diverse cultures and nationalities makes this […]

Ayesha - The New Trend Setter in the World of Fashion

Fashion is a true art and if one look at the creators behind the clothes, they are always bound to find something interesting and creative. The land of India harbors some of the finest craftsmen and artists. The designer couturiers from India are unparalleled. Skyscraping to the standards of Paris and New York, Indian designers […]

Ramadan program, spiritual activities, entertainment events and competitions throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan

Ramadan Dubai for compassion and coexistence Events aimed at the general public and residents of various Muslim and non-Muslim communities The Dubai Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department is organizing the Ramadan Dubai under the theme “Compassion and Coexistence” for the duration of the Holy Month of Ramadan. The event will hold a diverse range of activities, […]

Tackling Agrarian Crisis: Agenda for Govt@2019

Repeated Movements of Farmers First on August 9 this year, and now recently on November 29-30, 2018, the peasant organizations of India have made massive demonstrations in the national capital. August 9 being a Bharat Bandh day too. Also, there has been a massive kisan march in Mumbai as well. Issues for the farmers include […]

2019 POLLS: Ten Good News

As the curtains fall upon the intense drama during the five state polls in India, often touted as the semi-finals of the 2019 General Elections, I see a spate of good news ahead for the nation as a democratic polity. Competition Back Again: First, three Hindi heartland states have voted out the ruling BJP and […]

Omana Shop: Retailer of Finest Tableware in Town:

Everyone knows the importance of using crockery in everyday life. In fact crockery is an essential product that is used in the home and in the workplace. One can buy crockery from an array of shops in the high street or online. It could range from plates and bowls, to cups and saucers- it is […]