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Radhakrishnan. P, Modicare-Success Story

Think beyond experiences, keep your thoughts close to your dreams, make failures a stepping stone to success and maintain an optimistic attitude in life”.

In order to be a successful business person in today’s fast-paced world, talent, academia and qualifications are not enough. Above all, being confident in your work is crucial for career success, and Radhakrishnan proves this through his success story. He has been a part of Modicare for past four years and currently, is serving in the role of Presidential Director. Based on his work experiences, he says that Modicare is more secure, and a life-changing business opportunity.

Follow your Dreams

Inspired by the saying “Mind is everything. What you think, you become” by Sri Gautama Buddha, Radhakrishnan decided to follow his dreams and join Modicare business. Today, he is happy with his decision as he is earning a good income, purchased his dream car through Modicare car fund, made foreign trips with family and also is one step closer towards achieving his dream house through Modicare House Fund.

About Modicare business

Radhakrishnan says that Modicare like any other business, circles around stock, go down, investment, management, workers, leadership, infrastructure, building rent and business expenses. It provides daily use products of international level to the customers at a decent price.

‘Success in life is not just about making some money, it is not about running out of money, it is about having the right to money, the personality, the knowledge and expertise in the field, and the unwavering thrill of growing ever better, all of which is the resulting product’. Modicare’s success is one such example of how an ordinary person can grow into an extraordinary business person, if he is willing to chase his dreams.This business has taught him that there is more to work, to learn, to help others to achieve than to just gain monetary benefits.

It is all about Teamwork

Radhakrishnan says that Modicare is all about ‘Team Work’. Here, one cannot beat alone or win alone. Team Global Leadership Academy provides training on network marketing for the purpose of helping people to achieve the success at a faster rate. He says that technology plays an important role in MLM, as it enables the common man to create a network and build a large business empire. The main goal of Modicare is to create more millionaires, car owners, and help more people succeed and to prove that everyone can succeed if they are willing to work with confidence.

There is positive in every negative experience

When Radhakrishnan joined Modicare business, he was ready to take the responsibility for all his failures and shortcomings. Success was his need, more than anyone else’s. Each failure taught him many things, and those lessons have provided him the strength to move forward in life.

Self Confidence- An important key to success

Radhakrishnan cannot thank his family enough for constantly standing by him in all his decisions. His family includes wife Shilpa Radhakrishnan and children Rithul Krishna and Saphal Krishna. He is also thankful to his Modicare family, Samir Modi, his leaders and the entire team who have worked together for success. He says, everybody wants to succeed in life. If one has the confidence, people will follow you, and that network will result in huge turnover and income. His message to the generation is to “Dream big, define when you achieve it. Discover the millionaire in you and you can create more millionaires”. Tomorrow’s victory depends on today’s practice.

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All stories by: Cochin Herald